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We’ve loved making our Biltong & Droewors for the last 18 years, as much as we hope you do love eating it. Making it the traditional way so that we maintain the highest level of quality and taste. Each piece of Biltong is handmade, hand cut and prepared by our skilled butchers, ensuring that you enjoy every piece right to the last.

However! Biltong & Droewors is a natural dry cured product, which needs to be stored in a natural way. The "wetter/softer" you like your biltong the more likely the chance it can go mouldy if not stored correctly.

The more moisture there is in the Biltong, the higher the probability that mould can occur, no matter what preservatives some companies use, and we use very little to keep it as natural as possible. So please take extra care when storing your biltong, follow the instructions below. 

Remember you’re not in South Africa now, where it is warm and humidity levels tend to be below 30% the perfect conditions for making and keeping biltong. You’re in the UK/EU where it’s a lot wetter and humidity can get very much higher. This is not great for making or preserving biltong; therefore, we must help the biltong remain dry in an area with as low humidity as possible!

To get the best 'life' out of your biltong, care needs to be taken to store it properly and avoid any spoilage. Even though Biltong is a preserved product it’s still a natural food substance that contains water and is not as indestructible as some people might think.

Thoughts of the Voortrekkers, our forefathers carrying around biltong under their saddles for months on end, may work in the incredibly dry conditions of the Transvaal/Limpopo plains or the Kalahari Desert but not in London, Brighton, Hampstead, or Scotland. The only reason for biltong or any other dried/cured meat to go off, is due to incorrect storage.

Our biltong is made and stored in a strict controlled environment, until we receive your order. Then and only then, we choose what you have asked for and pick it, slice it and pack it for you personally. You will receive your biltong packed in gas-flushed food grade plastic bags and packed in a protective atmosphere. So, keep the bags sealed and intact until you decide to eat it.

However always be aware that the wetter your biltong is the shorter the shelf life. Once you open the bag, eat it or put the remainder of your biltong in an OPEN bowl or basket and mix it up a bit NOT in a sealed container and in the fridge because refrigeration adds moist to your biltong. Make sure that you turn and mix up the biltong daily, this helps it to air, always eat within 3 days of opening. Most mould only starts to happen when the biltong comes into contact with another surface. The bags we use are food grade, sterile. We pack your biltong in these bags in a protected gas atmosphere but once opened it is then open to the elements. Moisture forms at that surface contact point where the biltong touches. The inevitable and unavoidable process can then start if it has the following conditions: MOISTNESS + OXYGEN + HEAT + CONTACT= MOULD

We do not recommend that you keep biltong in the fridge or even in the freezer, keep it in the bags we supply unopened until you want to eat it but always open it before the best before date. Suffice to say the choice is yours but we have warned you not to but if you do decide to freeze your biltong, it will naturally release moisture once it starts to defrost. This is when things can and do go wrong, it’s the danger time! Defrost in the driest atmosphere as you can, otherwise it can and will go mouldy, you have been warned.

Hang whole sticks of biltong on a hook or string, in a cool, dry, well-ventilated place. Never store in a sealed container, it will sweat, and this will lead to mould growth. Biltong needs to 'breathe' it likes to be in dry air and make sure that it’s not touching anything else otherwise the following applies. WATER + OXYGEN + HEAT+CONTACT = MOULD

PHEW, all that said, it’s best just to order as much as you can eat and enjoy it at its best. This is what we would always recommend, you can always order again next week?


Enjoy, Francois


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